Advisor Recognition

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Eddie G. Bull TASC State Advisor of the Year Award

(to be completed by TASC District nominees) One high school advisor and one middle school advisor is named the TASC Eddie G. Bull State Advisor of the Year. Eddie G. Bull served TASC for more than 30 years. Under his leadership, TASC grew to more than 1300 member schools and expanded services to Texas students and advisors.

Each TASC District selects one high school and one middle level district advisor of the year. District winners are eligible to complete the state application which emphasizes state, district and local activities.

Warren E. Shull National Advisor of the Year Award

One advisor from high school and one from middle level will go forward at the Texas nominees for the Texas nominees for the Warren E. Shull National Advisor of the Year Award. Applicants should be involved in student council at all levels, including nationally.  Districts may nominate for this award; advisors may self-nominate or nominate each other. All nominations must be sent submitted by September 26; the TASC office will send one middle level and one high school application forward by the December 1 deadline.

  • District presidents or Advisors:  Click here to submit your 2021-2022 nominationUpload written materials as one document. 
    The jpeg may be uploaded separately.
  • TASC Nominee:  Click here for the application form » 

Pat M. Kirschner Award

The TASC Board of Directors created this award in 1987 to recognize outstanding contributions to the TASC Summer Leadership Workshop Program. In order to be nominated, the recipient must have served for 10 or more years as a Summer Workshop Director or Consultant and be retired from Workshop service. The Board must vote to present the award. The first award was presented to Pat M. Kirschner, Advisor from Ball HS, Galveston who served as a TASC Workshop Consultant and mentor to many who continued to develop the program after her retirement. 

  • Email Terry Hamm or an advisor on the TASC Board of Directors to nominate a former TASC Summer Workshop Consultant or Director.

Texas Star Award

Established in 2000, this award was presented on TASC Board directive to exceptional advisors who served TASC for 30 years or more.  Beginning in 2019, the Texas Star Aware is presented on Board directive to TASC advisors, TASC staff, or alumni who have given exceptional service or brought exceptional recognition to TASC.  They are the heroes of the Texas Association of Student Councils.  

Please see nomination and award criteria below.

Earl Reum Award

The Earl Reum Award (formerly the Workshop Director of the Year Award) was created in 1991 to honor the work of Dr. Earl Reum and to recognize individuals for their valuable work with advisors to help them promote and enhance student activities throughout the nation.  Individuals may be nominated by their state or other individuals or may self-nominate.  

      Click here to see award criteria

Advisor Service Pins

TASC recognizes advisors for years of service to student council and TASC. Pins are given at five year intervals (5 yr. pin, 10 yr. pin, 15 yr. pin, 20 yr. pin and 25 yr. pin). Additionally, the Board can elect to award the Texas Star Award to sponsors for 30 years of service. High School Advisors are recognized at the High School Annual Conference and Middle Level Advisors at the Middle Level Conference in November. In order to be recognized, please submit the service pin form below to TASC.  Recognition will be held during the respective Advisor Business Meetings.

Retiring advisors who have served for 5 or more years, are recognized with a plaque at each Annual Conference. In order to be recognized, please submit form on the Middle Level or High School Annual Conference page to submit years of service or retirement.

TASC Advisor Awards Winners

TASC High School Eddie G. Bull State Advisors of the Year

(Beginning in 2008, no advisor can be awarded State Advisor of the Year at the same level (ML/HS) more than once.)

2021    Lianna Gantz, Keller Central High School
2020    Laurie Zuehlke, Montgomery High School
2019    Tammy McClure, Byron Nelson High School
2018     David Womack, Duncanville High School
2017     Krysta Reed, Andrews High School
2016     Susan Waldrep, Texas High School, Texarkana
2015     Benjamin Stroud, Hebron High School, Carrollton
2014     Tommy Calais, St. Agnes Academy, Houston
2013     Antoinette Hernandez, Klein Forest High School, Houston
2012     Stacey Smith, Little Cypress Mauriceville HS, Orange
2011     Katie Keyes, Keller High School
2010     Kristi West, Hardin Jefferson High School, Sour Lake
2009     Julie Estes, New Braunfels High School
2008     Lisa Thompson, Franklin High School, El Paso
2007     Laura Price, Montwood High School, El Paso
2006     David Bowe, Hays High School, Buda
2005     Mae Holmes, Samuel Clemens High School, Schertz
2004     Debby Tabor, Lubbock-Cooper High School
2003     Amy McDonald, Clear Lake High School, Houston
2002     Terry Hamm, Bastrop High School
2001     Dodie Kasper, Plano Sr. High School
2001     Gil Gaona, North Shore Sr. High School, Houston
2001     Jerry de la Garza, Rowe High School, McAllen
2000     Pat Finch, Boswell High School, Ft. Worth
1999     Tina Graves, Frenship High School, Wolfforth
1998     Debby Tabor, Lubbock-Cooper High School
1997     Mary Whittenberg, Northwest High School, Justin
1996     Mae Holmes, Clemens High School, Schertz
1995     Donna Gwynn, West Brook High School, Beaumont
1994     Brenda Gilmore, Arlington High School
1993     Laura Dickerson-Price, Montwood High School, El Paso
1992     Betty Kyle, Canyon High School, New Braunfels
1991     Deborah Alford, Humble High School
1990     Pauline Jones, Graham High School
1989     Kay Baker, L. D. BEll High School, Hurst

TASC Middle School Eddie G. Bull State Advisors of the Year

(Beginning in 2008, no advisor can be awarded State Advisor of the Year (at the same level (ML/HS) more than once.)

2020     Robyn Lovett, Orangefield Junior High
2019     Kimberly Hall, Friendswood Junior High School
2018    Leslie Russwurm, Evans Middle School
2017    Jasmine Johnson, Marshall Junior High
2016    Stephanie Harris, Brock Middle School
2015     Clarence Ford, Hodges Bend Middle School, Houston
2014     Terri Cyphers, Spring Forest Middle School, Houston
2013     Inez Estepp, Kountze Middle School, 
2012     Lisa Gilbert, Ed Irons Middle School, Lubbock
2011     Jennifer (JJ) Stroud, Wester Middle School, Mansfield
2010     Angela Smith, St. Mary Catholic School, Orange
2009     Gilda Keith, Harwell Middle School, Edinburg
2008     Vicki Long, Deweyville Middle School
2007     Jerry de la Garza, Memorial Middle School, Mission
2006      Kathaleen Eppler, Sugar Land Middle School
2005     Jana Gwin, Spring Forest Middle School, Houston
2004     Kathy Jo Monk, Rio Vista Middle School
2003     Juli Addington, Cooper Junior High, Lubbock
2002     Vicki Crutchfield, Handley Middle School, Ft. Worth
2001     Pam Stewart, Glenn Junior High School, San Angelo
2000     Sandra Gipson, Hedrick Middle School, Lewisville
1999     Paula Nordt, West Columbia Junior High School
1998     Lisa Ford, Northbrook Middle School, Houston

TASC Advisors who were named Warren E. Shull National Advisors of the Year

1989     Kay Baker, L. D. Bell HS
2008     Mary Whittenberg, Northwest HS
2010     Pat Finch, Boswell HS
2018     Susan Waldrep, Texas HS
2020     Kristi West, Hardin-Jefferson HS

TASC US Region 8 Nominees for the National Advisor of the Year

2003    Terry Hamm, Bastrop HS
2014    Kristi West, Hardin Jefferson HS
2014    Vicki Long, Deweyville Elementary
2015    Terri Cyphers, Spring Forest MS
2016    Katie Keyes, Keller HS
2017    Antoinette Hernandez, Klein Forest HS
2018    JJ Stroud, Wester MS
2019    Lianna Gantz, Keller Central HS
2019    Lisa Gilbert, Ed Irons MS
2020    Kristi West, Hardin-Jefferson HS
2020    Jaimie Burk-Hicks, University of Texas at Tyler University, Longview Campus MS

Pat Kirschner Award Winners

2018 Calvin Buchholtz, John Jay HS, Director
2015 Tina Sarrat, Frenswood HS, Consultant
2015 Debby Tabor, Lubbock Cooper HS, Consultant
2015 Laura Price, Montwood HS, Consultant
2014 Brenda Gilmore, Arlington HS, Consultant
2014 Sharion Richardson, Big Springs HS, Director
2013 Kay Baker, L.D. Bell HS, Hurst, Director
2012 Sharon Solanik, Marshall HS, Consultant
2011 Jimmy Chapman, Henderson HS, Director
2010 Deborah Alford, Humble HS, Director
2009 Terry Hamm, Bastrop HS, Consultant
2008 James Beam, Ft. Bend ISD, Consultant
2007 Lu Pochelski, Samuel Clemens HS, Schertz, Consultant
2006 Betty Kyle, Canyon HS, New Braunfels, Consultant
2004 Darlene Bonner, Jacksboro HS, Director
2001 Jean Turner Wyatt, Lake Highlands JHS, Richardson, Consultant
1990 Billie Love, Caprock HS, Amarillo, Director 
1988 Lennie Dauphine, West-Orange Stark HS, Director
1987 Pat Martin Kirschner, Ball HS, Galveston, Consultant

TASC Advisors Who Were Awarded the Earl Reum Award

(Formerly the National Workshop Director of the Year Award)

1985     Eddie Bull, TASC Director
1991     Jean Wyatt, Lake Highlands JH
2013     Eddie Bull, TASC Director
2015     Terry Hamm, TASC Director

US Region 8 Nominees for the Earl Reum Award

2001     Terry Hamm, Bastrop HS
2009     Laura Price, Montwood HS
2011     JJ Colburn, TASC Director
2013     Mary Whittenberg, Northwest HS
2016     Tommy Calais, St. Agnes Academy
2020     Kristi West, Hardin-Jefferson HS

Texas Star Award Winners 30 years service (award criteria changed in 2019)

2014     Jerry de la Garza, Memorial MS, Mission
2010      Pat Finch, Boswell HS, Ft. Worth
2009      Laura Price, Montwood HS, El Paso
2008      Calvin Buchholtz, John Jay HS, San Antonio
2008      Jimmy Chapman, Henderson HS
2005      Anne Newman, Marshall HS
2004      Rodney Love, Linden-Kildare HS
2002      Carolyn Barron, Edna HS
2001      Brenda Gilmore, Arlington HS
2000      Dwight Mutschler, Austwell-Tivoli HS

Texas Star Award Winners are Heroes & Legends of TASC