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Award Winning Schools in TASC

The following schools have been reported as Award-Winning Schools by their TASC District President School. If there are errors, notify your District President School. Changes can only be made to this list following an email message from the District President school explaining the necessary change to [email protected]
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TASC Vision:
TASC builds leaders who positively impact our schools, communities, state, and nation.
TASC Mission: TASC promotes, develops, and empowers leadership development through student councils and advisors in Texas schools.

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• TASC State Report Forms TASC recognizes outstanding member student councils every year based on published criteria and a point system. Each district president is responsible for ensuring that district schools are judged and the results are reported to the TASC office. Councils which earn recognition in Outstanding Student Council, Pride and Patriotism, Energy and Environment, DASH, and who also submit a Community Service Report will earn a Sweepstakes Award.


• TASC State Project The children and families in the Texas foster system are an incredibly under served community. And this pandemic makes their situation worse as many courts have been closed; resources are more difficult to access; and families are struggling financially and emotionally. Foster Care is the perfect candidate for the TASC 2020-2021 State Service Project.

TASC has the resources to help them.
Together we can RESET a child's life.


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