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The Texas Association of Secondary School Principals and Texas Association of Student Councils sponsor the TEA-approved innovative course, STUDENT LEADERSHIP. Developed originally in 1996 and revised most recently in 2022,  the course curriculum is available for purchase and implementation in secondary schools. TASSP/TASC serves as the sponsoring organization with TEA, and the course may be offered in Texas High Schools (and with ISD approval at the 8th grade) for state elective credit (1/2 to 1 credit). Schools must purchase the curriculum through TASSP/TASC and complete the TASSP/TASC Participant Agreement to offer this course as state credit. The curriculum may also be purchased as a supplemental resource for other classes or educational purposes. Licensing to offer the course for state credit is provided per individual campus (school).


The TASSP/TASC Student Leadership Course Curriculum, adopted in 2022 and approved for the following five years, includes course TEKS, activities to teach key concepts, and web-based resources.  The curriculum is provided via a PDF of the teacher guide.  Web-based resources to accompany the course are provided as well.  The fee to purchase the course materials and offer the course for state credit is $300 and includes the Curriculum Supplement, both of which are delivered as PDFs.  The license is provided on an individual school basis.

If a school has previously purchased the curriculum and obtained TASSP/TEA permission to teach the class for state credit, the current curriculum, accompanied by the Curriculum Supplement, can be purchased for $150.

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  • Resources for TASSP/TASC Student Leadership Course:  TASC maintains a list of web-based resources for the Leadership Class which are included with the curriculum.

A strong student council advisor is best equipped to teach this course.

Ensure your leadership teacher is prepared to teach a successful class:
TASC offers the Student Leadership Curriculum Academy each summer.
Upon request with a minimum of 15 attendees, TASC can provide onsite training.

For more information about the course, email Patty

Student Leadership: N1290010 | STUDEAD | 1credit | Texas Association of Secondary School Principals, (TASSP), www.tassp.org | 2019 -2022


Student Leadership is a course for students who seek opportunities to expand and deepen their group and individual leadership skills to positively impact their own lives and community. Building on collaborative skills and habits of mind, students will gain knowledge and expertise in leadership skills including goal setting, effective communication, organization, time management, and collaborative strategies. In some schools, the course is customized to meet the needs of formal student organizations such as student council. The course is adaptable across various student needs and student populations.  The course prepares students not only for active participation in school but also in their community. Students solve relevant and current school and community issues by working collaboratively and independently on high-level, real-world tasks such as project proposals, portfolios, and presentations.

The topics or chapters included in the curriculum are as follows:
1.  Introduction to the Course
2.  The Structure of Leadership
3.  Organization and Managerial Skills
4.  Responsible Citizenship
5.  Goal Setting and Evaluation
6.  Group Interaction
7.  Communication
8.  Evaluation

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