It’s time to take the wheel and move forward on your leadership journey with:
Middle Level Leadership Development Days

This is your chance to give your students an exceptional leadership opportunity much closer to home.

Events are open to student councils, NJHS, and other school approved organizations. Students must be accompanied by an adult approved by the school and must be registered by the student council, NJHS advisor or other school approved sponsor or advisor. Advisors may invite any student leader or emerging leader grades 5 - 8.

At the Middle Level Regional Leadership Development Days,  Middle Level Student Council and NJHS leaders and advisors hear speakers, gain training from experts, and share ideas with peers. Build your ML program by registering your students and advisors. For Student Council, NJHS, and other ML Leadership Group members and advisors (Grades 5-8) Invite others from your campus or nearby schools today.

These events are planned just for your middle level leaders.
Each event, regardless of the location will include the following:

Breakouts for Students

  • Looking for WHY:
    Building spirit at your school must include intentional planning for spirit days: those days that bring students and staff today. Let’s talk about the WHY.
  • Keeping Us Healthy and Safe:
    What can student leaders do to help keep our campus physically and mentally safe and healthy?
  • Let’s Celebrate What’s Good:
    It’s all too easy to get dragged down with complaints and problems. Let’s build up pride, patriotism, and recognition of the good in our school, community, country, and world.
  • Take Care of this World. It’s the Only One We Have:
    What can students do to positively impact energy and environment?
  • Roadmap to Wellness:
    Intentional connection matters. Let’s talk about connecting students and staff and connecting both to resource. We can do this.
  • General Sessions will include a video speech from Kwame Ambaah, a former TASC state officer as well as chants, songs, and traditions of TASC.
  • Advisor Training will include the Golden Circle by Simon Sinek, State Reports for StuCo Advisors, Community Service ideas for all, and organization techniques to support any advisor. Advisors will be given time for job alike discussions and for sharing ideas.
  • Hometown Chapter/Council Time: Structured evaluation of what was learned and plans to implement what was learned
  • Lunch will be served onsite. Students and advisors are asked to bring their own water bottles for filling during the day.


  • $30 per person early bird registration for member schools
  • $40 per person for nonmember schools or late registration

- Invite Avid, NJHS, or any other clubs and organizations that would benefit. 
- Groups must be accompanied by a campus approved adult.
- There is no limit to the number of students or advisors you can register.
- See additional information regarding registration below.

Register Now


See date of workshop and registration dates for each school below. Workshop registration will begin between 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM.  Workshops beginning registration at 9:30 AM and beginning the conference at 10:00 PM will conclude by 3:30 PM.

Tentative Agenda for conferences beginning at 10:00 AM.

Click on each school for specific agendas: Coming soon

Advisors who attend will be provided Continuing Professional Education forms.

Alamo -  Audie Murphey Middle School - TBA - pending submission of agreement-considering date in February
      Accessible from Districts 10 and 16
El Paso - Montwood High School -  Jan. 12 -  Early bird deadline is Dec. 16. Registration closes Jan. 4.
      Accessible from Districts 8 & 9 | Onsite check in at 8:30 AM. First GS begins at 9:00 AM MST
Katy - Beck Junior High - Jan. 29 - Early Bird deadline is Jan18. Registration closes Jan. 25. 
     Accessible from Districts 7/13,17, & 14 | Onsite check in at 9:30 AM. First GS at 10:00 AM CST
Keller (DFW area) Central High School - Jan. 8 - Early bird deadline is Dec. 16. Registration closes Jan. 4.
     Onsite check in at 9:15 am.  First GS at 10 AM CST | 
Accessible from Districts 3 ML, 12 & 2
Lubbock - Mackenzie Middle School - Jan. 22 - Early bird deadline is Jan. 13. Registration closes Jan. 18.
     Accessible from Districts 5, 1, 8, 12, & 2 
Prosper (DFW area) - Rock Hill High School - Jan. 15 - Early bird deadline is Jan. 6. Registration closes Jan. 11.
     Accessible from District 3 ML, 19, 4, & 6 | Onsite check in begins at 9:00. First GS begins at 10:00.
San Angelo - Glenn Middle School - Jan. 29 - Early bird deadline is Jan. 18. Registration closes Jan. 25.
     Accessible from Districts 8,2, 18, and 15
San Antonio - CAST Tech High School - Jan. 8 - Early bird deadline is Dec. 6. Registration closes Jan.4.
     Accessible from Districts 15, 18,11, 8, and 10 | 
Onsite check in begins at 9:30. First GS begins at 10:00 AM CST
Texarkana - Texas High School - Jan. 8 - Early bird deadline is Dec. 6. Registration closes Jan. 4.
     Accessible from Districts 19, 3, and 4 | 
Onsite check in begins at 9:30. First GS begins at 10:00 CST.
Yoakum - St. Joseph School - TBA - pending submission of agreement
     Accessible from Districts 14, 6, 11, & 7/13

TASC Plans re Health and Safety at ML Leadership Development Days

Presentations for ML Regional Leadership Development Days: