2021 Middle Level Annual Conference
November 12-13, 2021, at the Embassy  Suites in San Marcos

We will be onsite.  More information coming soon.

For Student Council, NJHS, and other ML Leadership Group members and advisors (Grades 5-8)














2020 Middle Level Annual Conference

November 14, 2020 | VIRTUAL EVENT!

For Student Council, NJHS, and other ML Leadership Group members and advisors (Grades 5-8)


Kim Karr

Esteban Gast

Join us for three hours filled with connection, ideas, interaction, and fun!

• STUDENTS will leave energized about ideas and plans for connection, engagement, personal growth, and project ideas.

• ADVISORS will gain ideas for working with student activities while social distancing, enjoy some time to relax, and participate in electing a Middle-Level Advisor to the TASC Board of Directors.

All who register will be able to log in and watch conference sessions for 30 days following the conference.

Register Now » 


  • $140 for a team of ten delegates to include the advisor and $10 for each additional delegate if registered by the Early Bird deadline of Nov. 4
  • After Nov. 4, registration is $150 for a team of ten delegates to include the advisor and $12 for each additional delegate.
  • Advisors must register the initial team. Then they will be provided a link to register additional delegates.
  • No cancellation is allowed. Substitutions are allowed until the Early Bird Deadline of Nov. 4.
  • School delegation size to include students and adults is unlimited.
  • Each advisor is responsible for collecting a signed Conference Code of Conduct and Online Conference Release from each delegate.
  • When you register, enter specific emails for each person. Access to the conference platform is based on a unique username (email) and password for each person. You will get those from [email protected] Be sure to tell your student to look at those as they may go to junk mail. Double-check to ensure that student emails will work with Zoom. If students have a home email, it may be preferable to use it.
• Enjoy motivational general sessions presented by nationally recognized speakers including Kim Karr and Esteban Gast
• Learn in breakouts and discussion groups led by outstanding leaders and advisors from across Texas 
• Network with other Student Council and NJHS advisors 
• View opportunities for community service and leadership resources
• Walk away with ideas for a successful year
• Participate in advisor training
• Learn by active engagement
• Join workshops presented by leadership consultants
• Gain ideas you can use immediately provided by other middle-level councils
• Invite NJHS advisers (or any activity advisor) to attend with you!

Tentative Conference Schedule:

Students may attend concurrent sessions and discussion groups designed to develop leadership skills as well as school and community engagement presented by outstanding high school and middle-level student councils and chapters as well as a social (dance or movie).

Advisors may attend training specific to the middle-level advisor. Interested high school and middle-level councils and chapters may apply to present.

Saturday, November 14, 2020  (Times are Central Time)

3:00    Log in to the site to ensure you have no problems
3:30    Parade of Ideas from ML and HS Councils
3:50    Welcome to the Conference
4:00    Not Exactly a Keynote with Esteban Gast
4:30    Breakouts - Set A
5:00    Let's Move, Learn, Play
5:20    Breakouts - Set B
5:50    Not Exactly Another Keynote with Kim Karr
6:15    Closing Parade of Ideas from ML and HS Councils 

Workshop Sessions: A highlight of the event is the variety of school-led workshop sessions presented. We have opportunities to apply to present a breakout or to be in the Parade of Ideas.


  • Apply to Present at Middle Level Conference for high schools »  HS Councils that present are not asked to register for the conference. These will be 25-minute presentations which could include leadership skills, activities such as ice breakers and mixers, or StuCo activities/projects that can be done online.  Presenters will need someone to manage the chat and share the screen, etc.  This can be a panel or a single speaker.  Presentations must be polished.  Presenters should be confident and clear online, and the presentation must include active participation.  These may be presented once or twice.  Submissions are due by Oct. 20.
  • Apply for the Parade of Ideas for high schools and middle schools »  We are seeking 60 - 90 second presentations on a project idea appropriate for middle level.  This can be presented via a "flyer" format with photos and explanation or through video, Animoto, PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. which is uploaded to YouTube.  There will be no live presentations in the Parade of Ideas.  These can be viewed before, after, and during the conference. (This counts as presenting at the Middle-Level Conference on the OSC form.) Submissions are due by Nov. 5.
  • Advisor Recognition Online Form » Service pins will be mailed and advisors recognized during the Advisor Business Meeting.
  • 2021 Conference Coordinator Application »

Advisor Responsibilities: It is extremely important that all advisors ensure emails are correct and that delegates try logging into the conference platform when reminded to do so. A "Know Before You Go" document will be sent to each registered delegate with a reminder to try accessing the site. This will be emailed from [email protected] Notifying TASC early so we can identify any access problems in a timely manner is important.  Failure to do this may result in delayed access to the conference.

Advisors are responsible for ensuring students are aware of the TASC Code of Conduct as well as a release for online events and that the advisor has a signed form from each delegate.