Top Video Awards

TASC recognizes the best up to ten individual videos submitted by HS student councils, and up to the top five individual videos submitted by ML student councils. All entries should be submitted to TASC via the link below and by the annual due date. (Please note that there are opportunities for awards for a single campus or a "collaborative" video, one completed by more than one council.)  There can be no more than one winner in the "collaborative video category for high schools and no more than one winner in the "collaborative video category for middle level schools.  The council submitting the winning application will be awarded a plaque. The other council involved will be awarded a certificate.

The 2021 - 2022 theme is: Driven to Lead | Due Feb. 21, 2022


Entry Rules for Competition

  1. Entries must be submitted via the TASC website.
  2. Councils may submit only one Top Video entry per year.
  3. Collaborative groups of councils may submit only one Top Video entry per year.
  4. All entries should be submitted via the website no later than TBA for ML and TBA for HS 

Previous Top Video Winners

Top Video Recognition 2020-2021 High School:

Carroll Senior High School - Rewind and Reset       
Central High School (Keller) - CHS Life as We know It
Keller High School - RESET
North Forney High School- Earth Day 2020
Rick Reedy High School - Lions Foster Hope
Rio Vista High School - We Have RESET
Texas High School -Be Greeeat Together
Vista Ridge High School - How Can You RESET a LIfe?
Wolfe City High School - Bram's Story

Top Video Recognition 2019-2020 High School:

Franklin High School - Giving Blessings to All at a Local Elementary
Vista Ridge High School - LEAD YOUR FUTURE
Horn High School - John Horn High School: TASC 2020 State Video #levelup
Tomball High School - Tomball High School Cougar Camp
Red Oak High School - Creating a More Inclusive Homecoming 2020
Texas High School - Texas High Top 10 Video 2020
King High School - LevelUp Your Leadership
Cypress Woods High School - Cy Woods Level Up Leadership
Kempner High School - Kempner: Keepng Community
Seguin High School - A Wall of Love

Top Video Recognition 2018-2019 High School:

Carroll High School - This is Me
Eastwood High School - Eastwood StuCo - Rising
Keller Central High School - CHS Resolve to Rise
Kempner High School - Enacting Change, One Step at a Time 
Livingston High School - Resolve to Rise: Resolve to Conserve
Pecos High School - 2019 Top Ten Video
Spring Creek High School/Kingwood Park High School - Big Heroes, Tiny Homes
Tiger Strong Field Day - Texas High School
Veterans' Memorial - Brooke's Blossoms Childhood Cancer
Vista Ridge HIgh School - Don't Change.  You're Perfect