TASC Endorsed Programs

Resources for Texas Student Councils: 2022-2023

In an effort to provide resources for member schools, the TASC Board of Directors endorses programs and establishes relationships with organizations that complement and enhance common Texas student council goals and purposes. Participation with these programs offers students the opportunity to conduct projects and gain valuable resources that support the work of student councils. Participation and any subsequent membership with these organizations are separate from TASC and services are handled directly by the names organization. Schools can receive 15 points per program (maximum of 60 points) on the TASC Outstanding Student Council Report Form, as well as apply participation on other formal TASC report forms where appropriate.

Board of Directors Policy Regarding Endorsements and/or Partnerships

Programs/projects that complement the mission and purpose of student council may be considered by the Board for an endorsement/partnership. Programs or projects interested in forming a partnership with TASC must demonstrate in writing the ways in which the program enhances the work of or provides a resource to student councils. Programs/projects sponsored by member schools are preferred. The Board will approve this type of relationship at the summer board meeting. The board may determine to limit the number of endorsed programs. These relationships benefit TASC member schools directly, either by providing a resource to the council or to individual students. Benefits to an endorsed program/partner may include access to member schools data for marketing, inclusion in conferences through presentations and reduced exhibit rates, a link on the TASC website, and inclusion in the TASC Resource Guide. Relationships are established by a board vote and are renewed annually. Existing programs must demonstrate participation by and benefit to schools and justify the continuation of the relationship in writing.

Interested in submitting a proposal for endorsement by the TASC Board of Directors? The Board of Directors will review all proposals at its summer meeting (usually in July). Submit to TASC Director

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