Advisor Service Pins

TASC recognizes advisors for years of service to student council and TASC. Pins are given at five-year intervals (5 yr. pin, 10 yr. pin, 15 yr. pin, 20 yr. pin, and 25 yr. pin). Additionally, the Board can elect to award the Texas Star Award to advisors for 30 years of service or significant contributions to TASC. High School Advisors are recognized at the High School Annual Conference and Middle-Level Advisors at the Middle-Level Conference in November. In order to be recognized, please submit the service pin form below to TASC.  Recognition will be held during the respective Advisor Business Meetings.

Retiring advisors who have served for 5 or more years, are recognized with a plaque at each Annual Conference. In order to be recognized, please submit form on the Middle Level or High School Annual Conference page to submit years of service or retirement.

Service Pin Recognition 2022-2023