TASC Senior Scholarship

TASC recognizes 5 outstanding seniors with scholarships. Completed applications must be submitted online via the TASC website by the December 1 deadline. The Past-President School Advisor is assigned the responsibility for selecting members to judge the scholarship applications and for tabulating the results.

In recognition of the enormous contributions of many students to the Student Council programs, the Texas Association of Student Councils will recognize five outstanding graduating seniors with scholarships. The amount of each scholarship will be $1,000. Individual councils may nominate no more than two applicants. Completed applications must be submitted online via the TASC website by December 1.

You will need to download and print the scholarship form. Then complete or have the following pages completed prior to asking your advisor to submit your application.

  • Student Information pages 1 and 2 (Page two is the activities section.)
  • Student Statement
  • Advisor's Recommendation
  • Second Recommendation
  • Transcript

Students must print or complete and save the student information pages and student statement. The second recommendation page must be given to the appropriate person as well. The advisor must complete the Advisor Recommendation. The form may be emailed to the advisor and second recommender so that it can be completed and then printed. (These are fillable forms, so you can email the entire form and ask individuals to complete only the portion that applies to them.)

All sections must be submitted to the advisor who can upload the application via the TASC website. All materials should be scanned and uploaded as one document. O NOT upload Google Doc (.gdoc) files.; a .gdoc file appears as code.

TASC Senior Scholarship 2023-2024 Application»

 (Complete/save this form and upload it with your online submission below)


Previous TASC Senior Scholarship Award Winners

2023 TASC Scholarship Recipients:

Sarah Mcnulty – Eastwood HS
John Thomas Borowitz – Texas High School
Maci Hill – Livingston High School
Karla Fuentes Maldonado – Boswell High School
Gabriela Martinez – Red Oak High School

2022 TASC Scholarship Recipients:

Warren Palmer – Eastwood HS
Alondra Romero – Montwood HS
Aaron Regaldo – Hanks High School
Morgan Sanford – Kingwood Park High School
Ivan Zarate – Socorro High School

2021 TASC Scholarship Recipients:

Maverick Coleman, Barbers Hill High School
Alexis Licon, Hanks High School
Madison Phanthavong, Klein Cain High School
Amber Trammel, Legacy High School
Reid Turner, Montgomery High School
Derek Whitman, Hanks High School

Congratulations and Good Luck!