Welcome Students!

This page has been created for you because this is the Texas Association of STUDENT Councils. TASC is an organization devoted to student leadership. Student leaders with the support of adult advisors make their hometown councils strong, relevant groups which provide the opportunity for voice, ownership, and involvement to every student in their middle and high schools. It is the efforts of thousands and thousands of students just like you who have created the legacy of TASC, and it is up to each of us to continue to provide resources and experiences that make student council effective in schools across the state of Texas.

If you have not studied the TASC logo, take a moment to do so. In it, the state is made up of individual speech or voice bubbles which represent student voice in Texas. Those voice bubbles illustrate commitment and purpose as together we make TASC stand out as a star among student leadership organizations. The resources on this website are designed to aid you as you build strong relationships, enhance your organizational skills, and invite others to join you and your council on this journey of leadership.
     -- Terry Hamm, Director
        Texas Association of Student Councils

Important StuCo Links

  • Student Councils Basics » What StuCo is all about!
  • State Service Project »
  • Project Ideas »
  • TASC School Awards » Look under Awards/Council Recognition
  • Your TASC State Officer Schools »
  • TASC Scholarship Application »  Look under Awards/Student Recogntion.  Download and complete the student information pages and the student statement; you may want to save the recommendation pages so they can be emailed to the appropriate person. All sections must be submitted to the advisor who can upload the application.
  • Senate Youth Program »
  • TASSP Academic Excellence and Teens Serving Texas »
  • Make a donation to the TASC Scholarship Fund » in memory or in honor of someone (or your school, etc.)
  • Workshop songs »
  • Resources for Assemblies, Programs and Workshops » (Past TASC Speakers and Presenters)
  • TASC Social Media Policies »
  • JC Applications for Summer Workshops or Advanced Workshops »  Look under Awards/Student Recognition.
  • Watch the TASC Facebook page and ask your advisor to share the TASC monthly newsletter. Both are updated regularly with more opportunities and scholarships.
  • To have photos or videos posted, send them to the state student secretary.  That email is posted under the About Us tab..
  • To follow TASC tweets through your texting service, text “follow @TASC_StuCo” to 40404.. To follow TASC on Instagram, select the app. Then click on the "star" icon to search for us.  Look for the TASC Facebook page as well.
  • "Congratulations! Now send us your money!" Be cautious when sending money to a personal recognition program. To find helpful hints go to the NASSP National Committee on Student Contests and Activities. Many of these programs are vanity press only.