2023 High School Annual Conference | April 21-23, 2023



Candidates for the TASC Board and State Office:

HS Candidates for Office 2023-2024 - Election will be held at the HS Annual Conference. 

Candidates, please check the information carefully. Any changes in the office for which you are filing or in the general platform must be submitted to the state director and state vice-president advisor. Questions about campaigns should be directed to Conroe HS, TASC Vice-President advisor: Amy Causey.

TASC Candidates for 2023-2024 State Officers and Elected Advisors to the Board: 

Harlingen High School - It's time for a Heart-to-Heart about Heart Health HHS Intent to Run & Resume

North Forney High School - Let's Talk Trash NFHS Intent to Run & Resume

University of Texas at Tyler University Academy – Longview Campus - B.A.M. Body and Mind UAHS Intent to Run & Resume

Vice President: 
Central High School - B- Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Real - CHS Intent to Run & Resume

Mansfield Legacy High School - Seeing Ghosts - MLHS Intent to Run & Resume

Veterans Memorial High School - Helping HandsVMHS Intent to Run & Resume

LD Bell High School - Stolen People, Stolen DreamsLDBHS Intent to Run & Resume

O'Connor High School - Texas Minds MatterOHS Intent to Run & Resume

Pebble Hills High School - Mission Paws-ible - PHHS Intent to Run & Resume

ML Candidates for Board of Directors 2022-2025:
Fulfilled by - Wilton Allen - Intent to Run

HS Candidates for Board of Directors 2023-2026:
Rita Clawson - Ore City High School - Rita Clawson - Intent HS Advisor

Katie Keyes - Boswell High School - Katie Keyes - Intent HS Advisor

Mary Whittenberg - Northwest High School - Mary Whittenberg - Intent HS Advisor



  • Each registered TASC member high school at the conference may have up to 5 voting delegates.
  • Each council is encouraged to review candidate qualifications and platform and attend the Meet the Candidate Sessions at the conference.
  • Candidates may campaign face-to-face and via social media. They will also have campaign booths, speeches, and presentations at the HS Annual Conference.
  • Councils are encouraged to caucus and determine the council for whom they wish to vote for each office. Councils may split their votes. For example, if there were five candidates for a specific office, the council may cast all five votes for one candidate. They may cast one vote for each candidate; they may cast two votes for one candidate, three for another, etc.
  • Each council has one vote to cast for the position of Elected Advisor to the Board. Their information is also posted on the website, and they will participate in Meet the Candidates.