Resources to Use While Social Distancing

TASC is providing guides, support, and resources to help your students not only continue a successful year but also prepare for 2020-2021.

COVID-19 may have disrupted us for a time, but TASC has determined to
The situation is changing by the day—even by the hour, and it all too easy to slip into analysis paralysis while deciding what to do. Let’s give our councils the tools and the support to adapt boldly to meet today’s challenges:

• Decide what not to do and prioritize.
• Develop new plans of attack rather than relying on rules of the past.
• Build connection and strengthen relationships.
• Continue to deliver.
• Engage for impact. Reach out for frequent “pulse checks.”
• Involve your team. Ask for help. No one can do it all alone.
• Focus on needs, and everyone needs purpose.
• Recognize that focuses on the needs of others and working to meet those helps the helper.
• Collect and amplify positive messages.

And remember what counts as success. Success is steady progress toward your goal. (Jim Rohn)

Your TASC officer team pulled together guides to help your council continue to work for good and to earn points toward recognition in next year’s state reports. They were aided by others across our association who helped collect ideas, posted them on the TASC Facebook page and shared ideas.
Special thanks go to: Susan Waldrep, Jenna Williamson, Kristi West, Maggi Gallapsy, Sara Millhorn, Libby Lester, Ashly Oropeza, Paloma Palmer, Kelley Aikens, Gibby Widner, Courtney Goldberg, Lisa Gilbert, and David Bowe.

How to Conduct Elections while Social Distancing - Fast forward 32 seconds into the recording for the meeting to begin.
Suggestions for Graduations Spring 2020

General Resources for Councils, Students, and Advisors
Please continue to visit the TASC Facebook Page. When we find new resources, we will post them there.

Review Your Constitution - See Guidelines

Start Your Year Right even when you are not together
Find the Why of Your Council
Write Your Goals

Talk with your Principal about working together for the good of your school and maybe earning a Scholarship for Summer Workshop:
How ML Councils Can Help
StuCo Helps Principals - for high school councils
What Your Council Can Do - plan with your principal
- Scholarship form: Middle Level  |  High School - earn a scholarship for 2021 TASC Summer Leadership Workshops 

Earn Points for 2020 – 2021 State Reports While Social Distancing
Outstanding Student Council | Watch this video
Pride and Patriotism
Energy and Environment
School and Community Service

More Coming Soon!

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention »

World Health Organization »

• TASC/TASSP staff is currently working from home. If you need to talk with Terry about student council/TASC issues or Lori about the website or registration, please email us.

We hope that each of you, your families, your friends, your council members, and your colleagues remain healthy and safe. As always, thank you for your passion for student leadership and your support of the Texas Association of Student Councils.