Top Ten / Top Five Projects

TASC recognizes the best ten individual projects sponsored by student councils. All entries should be submitted to TASC via the website by the deadline stated on the entry form. Should the advisor have difficulty uploading the documents, call 512-443-2100 ext. 8520  or 8502 and Lori email Lori De Leon by the deadline.

Entry Rules for Competition

        1.    Entries must be submitted via the TASC website.

        2.    The entry must be accompanied by a signed evaluation by a least one teacher, administrator, or other staff member, other than the student council advisor. Please scan evaluation, entry cover sheet, photos into one document to upload.

        3.    The entry may include up to five photographs. 

        4.    Schools may submit only one Top Five/Ten Project entry per year.

        5.   Collaborative teams at either the ML or HS level may submit only one entry per year.

        5.    All entries should be submitted via the website no later than October 15, 2019, for ML recognition at the 2019 ML Annual Conference and February 17, 2020, for HS recognition at the 2020 HS Annual Conference.  


2019-20 Top Project ML Application »  deadline October 15, 2020
submit online
2019-20 Top Project HS Application » deadline February 17, 2020 submit online

You can find list of recent Top Project winners and descriptions of their projects on the previous page.

These schools were recognized at their respective annual conferences.