2019 Summer Leadership Workshop:

A meaningful experience that empowers student leaders and advisors to lead effectively in schools and communities.

Trinity University, San Antonio
Middle Level: July 16-20, 2019 (Tue-Sat) | COST: $345

One Trinity Place, San Antonio, TX
Director: Terri Cyphers | Consultant: JJ Stroud


FROM THE DIRECTOR: We are excited that you will be joining us this summer for the TASC Summer Leadership Workshop at Trinity University. We are fortunate to have JJ Stroud as our Leadership Consultant. She brings years of experience, innovative ideas and a genuine passion for Student Leadership. We will lead you through a fun and rewarding workshop experience, where you will have many opportunities to "Rise Up, Rise Above and Rise Together", not only as a leader, but also as a member of Student Council and NJHS.

In addition to having the opportunity to meet many new friends from across the state, you will be expected to work hard, think outside the box, be creative, learn what it takes to be a great leader and how to have a productive and active Student Council or Honor Society. We feel confident you will receive the tools necessary to return to your school, not only well prepared for the upcoming year but also enthusiastic about making it a positive learning environment. The following contains important information that will help you have a positive and rewarding workshop experience. Please read over all of the information provided and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

DIRECTOR: Terri Cyphers
Cell Phone: (832) 444-5552 | Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

The following forms which are included in the Permission Form Kit link above must be provided to the workshop director at onsite check in: individual registration forms (student and advisor), participant agreement forms (student and advisor), medical forms (student and advisor), and criminal disclosure forms (advisors). The advisor should distribute the forms, make sure they are completed properly and please remember the signatures needed on the forms. Do NOT send the completed forms to the TASC office! Once you have the forms returned to you, you will then use them to fill out the google form using the URL below. The google form must be filled out for each person attending the workshop. (Please do not have the students fill out the google form themselves. You, as the advisor, will need to fill it out for each individual.) This information will be used for doing group and dorm assignments for workshop.

Trinity ML Google Doc

Two workshop payment options were available to schools. If you made full payment at the time of registration, your receipt will indicate a zero balance. If you sent in a $100 deposit per person, the balance is due in one payment ONE MONTH PRIOR TO WORKSHOP DATE. Cancellations and refunds will be permitted until that date and must be made in writing to the TASC office. When applicable, the refund amount will be applied to the balance due. For each cancellation, there will be a $100 transaction fee assessed per individual cancellation. No refunds or credits will be given for cancellations after the deadline. Refunds will not be provided for workshop no-shows, regardless of the situation. Delegate substitutions made less than 10 days before the start of the workshop must maintain original delegate gender.

Students and adults should expect to room with someone from a different school, because part of the workshop experience is getting to know others. During the workshop, you will be expected to keep your room in order. You will be charged for damage to University property or loss of keys.


  • Jeans/pants and t-shirts are highly encouraged as the primary dress.
  • Shorts are NOT permitted at TASC conferences or workshops held during the school year.
  • Shorts are permitted at summer programs but must be no shorter than three inches above the TOP of the kneecap.
  • Skirts/dresses are permitted at all events but must be no shorter than three inches above the TOP of the kneecap.
  • All tops and dresses must have sleeves at all TASC events. 
  • Caps or hats are not to be worn when inside a building. 
  • This dress code may be modified for performers at TASC events.  Costumes must be approved by a conference committee.
  • TASC/TASC Districts retain the right to enforce a specified dress code for events outside the TASC state calendar.
  • This dress code may be modified for specific events; attendees will be notified by the assigned TASC designee.
    Policy adopted November 2015

Since both of these items are disruptive and costly, they are highly discouraged. Neither TASC nor the University will be responsible for the loss of these items and suggest that students not bring expensive items to the workshop. Students and advisors who carry cell phones should not make nor accept calls during workshop activities.

Illnesses should be reported to the Director immediately through your hometown advisor or one of the deans. Medical release forms provided with this pre-registration packet are important to our efforts to provide you with medical assistance in the unlikely event of an emergency (make sure you have an extra copy for yourself). Please complete the release form and return it to your advisor with your registration form.

Dormitory doors will be locked at “lights out”. Special events will cause lights to be out at a different time each night.

The use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, electronic cigarettes or other illegal drugs is strictly prohibited. Any student found in the possession or under the influence of these substances will be sent home from the workshop without delay at the expense of the student, his/her parents or the student’s school. School official/law enforcement will be contacted.

Delegates are expected to respect the rights and safety of others. Weapons of any type are strictly prohibited at TASC functions. Any person found in the possession of an item used as weapon or exhibiting irresponsible behavior that endangers the health, safety, or welfare of him/herself or others will be sent home from the workshop without delay at the expense of the student, his/her parents or the student’s school. School/law enforcement will be contacted.

When you arrive at the University, you will go to the Heidi McFarlin Lounge between 12:00 and 2:00 p.m. to check in. When you arrive, you will be given your name badge, room assignment, and an expanded schedule. Name badges and wristbands must be worn at all times.
There will be campus parking near the dorms. Parking on allowable parking lots will need a parking permit that will be issued at registration.

*Students are expected to be at all general sessions, council meetings, and other activities on time. Students are not allowed to leave campus except for the mid-week break. Remember, you are a guest of Trinity University. If you have a problem, please check with an adult advisor, the director or the consultant.
• A charge of $50 will be made if you lose your room key and $10 for a key card.
• There is an additional charge for advisors requesting a private room. This request should be made no later than July 1. Payment must be made in advance or at check-in. Contact the director for more information.

Students and advisors will need to bring the following: twin sheets (bedding), blanket, towels, washcloths, bathmat, a pillow and personal toiletries. Wednesday night there will be an achievement program and banquet requiring students to be dressed a little nicer than for other workshop activities (dress code does apply).

We will have a talent show after the banquet where students may share a special talent but must bring their own music, props, costumes, etc... Instruments will not be provided. Auditions will be held on Wednesday.

During workshop, an activity called ‘magic notes’ will be available. Everyone will make a magic note bag and advisors may want to bring materials for their own students including small gifts or tokens with inspirational messages to put in their bags

The first meal to be served will be dinner on the first night. Meals will be served through breakfast on the last day. Most meals will be served in the Mabee Dining Hall. You will need your wrist band (provided during registration) at all times.

Students may need a small amount of money for 1) food to and from the workshop, 2) snack foods, 3) souvenirs, and 4) free-time activities.


Heidi McFarlin Lounge, where registration takes place, has no physical address to put in your GPS. However, it is down the street from a church that does have a physical address. 
GPS address: University Presbyterian Church: 300 Bushnell Ave 
University Presbyterian Church is on the corner of Bushnell Ave and Shook Ave. Take a right onto Bushnell, pass the church, and look for Heidi Circle on your right. Take a right and you will see the registration area.

See trinity.edu for a campus map


12:00-2:00 Registration in North Residence Hall
2:00-3:00 Small Group Facilitator (SFG) Staff Meeting
4:15-5:15 Opening General Session
5:30-6:30 Dinner
6:45-8:00 General Session 2
6:45-8:00 Advisor Meeting with Terri
8:15-9:30 Small Group Session 
9:35-10:00 General Session 3
10:00-11:00 Dorm Meeting/Snacks & Game Social/SGF Meeting/JC Meeting (11 PM)
10:30 Team Leader Meeting
11:00 In the dorm rooms
11:30 Lights Out/Bed Checks

On the third day, the workshop session will end early to allow free time from 12:00-10:00 to rest and enjoy San Antonio with hometown councils. Everyone must be back at their assigned dorm by 10:00p.m. A variety of activities are available in the area, and information will be provided at the workshop.

Dismissal by 10:45a

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