2019 Summer Leadership Workshop:

A meaningful experience that empowers student leaders and advisors to lead effectively in schools and communities.

Southwestern University, Georgetown
High School #1: July 15-19, 2019 (Mon-Fri) | Cost: $360

1001 E. University Ave., Georgetown, TX
Director: Kristi West | Consultant: Antoinette Hernandez - CIT: Chad Cooke


Print the Individual SWU PERMISSION FORM KIT » (This is not registration)
PERMISSION FORMS MAILING ADDRESS: Kristi West, P.O. Box 675, China, TX 77613


Today, student council members play a vital role in creating a positive atmosphere on your campus, but being a student leader requires special skills! This TASC Summer Workshop is not only fun and filled with opportunities for students to meet other young leaders from around Texas, but also provides attendees with the experiences and in-depth training that they need to be highly effective in the world today. Your students will come back with the knowledge needed for their positions and equipped with the skills to do an effective job.

Don’t miss this great opportunity for your students to build unity within your council. We guarantee you will leave summer workshop with a team of students prepared and excited to lead your group. Once you’re ready to find your direction of leadership send in your registration—this unique workshop fills up quickly! This year, I am excited to be teamed with TASC Leadership Consultant, Antoinette Hernandez. We look forward to seeing you at Southwestern!

DIRECTOR: Kristi West
School: Hardin Jefferson High School | School Phone: (409) 981-6430 | Fax: (409) 287-2558
Cell Phone: (409) 791-0542 | Home Phone: (409) 752-5409 | Email: [email protected]


The following forms must be provided to the workshop director: individual registration forms (student and advisor), participation agreement forms (student and advisor), medical forms (student and advisor) and criminal disclosure forms (advisors).

The advisor should distribute the forms, make sure they are completed properly. Please remember the signatures. Do NOT send the permission forms to the TASC office! Once you have the forms then please fill out the Google form for everyone attending workshop.

Advisors must fill out a Google form with student and advisor information three weeks prior to camp. (Please do not have your students fill out the Google form) Please use the following link to fill out the form for each person coming to workshop:  https://tinyurl.com/tascsw12019

Two workshop payment options are available to schools. At the time of registration you will receive an invoice from TASC. If you make full payment at the time of registration, your receipt will indicate a zero balance. If you send in a $100 deposit per person, the balance is due in one payment ONE MONTH PRIOR TO WORKSHOP DATE. Cancellations and refunds will be permitted until that date and must be made in writing to the TASC office. When applicable, the refund amount will be applied to the balance due. For each cancellation, there will be a $100 transaction fee assessed per individual cancellation. No refunds or credits will be given for cancellations after the deadline. Refunds will not be provided for workshop no-shows, regardless of the situation. Delegate substitutions made less than 10 days before the start of the workshop must maintain original delegate gender.

When you arrive at the University, you will go to Brown Cody Hall between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to check in. Staff check-in will be between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Brown Cody Hall is located 1001 E. University Avenue, Georgetown, TX 78626. Registration will be in the main lobby. Only advisors should come into register. All students will be participating in some team building games and taking pictures in the courtyard. We will be taking pictures using a green screen. Please tell your students not to wear anything green on the first day.
As you arrive, you will be given name badges, room assignments, small group assignments, keys and an expanded schedule. Name badges and wristbands must be worn at all times.

Blankets or sleeping bags, sheets (all beds are single beds), pillow, towels, and personal toiletries will be necessary. All rooms are suites (2 rooms with bath between). Washing machines and dryers are available on-site. There are phone hookups in each room, but no long distance accessibility (long distance should be obtained through a phone card).

This year we will be staying at Brown Cody Hall, Mabee Hall, and Kurth Hall. Students should expect to room with someone from a different school, as part of the workshop experience is getting to know others. During the workshop, you will be expected to keep your room in order. Valuables such as cameras, jewelry, etc., should not be left in your room or in general session areas. Neither the University nor TASC is responsible for loss of any article. Damage to campus property must be reported at once. The responsible person will be billed. Advisors – if you would like to have a private room please contact Kristi West.

A lost key will be assessed at up to a $200 charge per lost key. That amount is to be paid on-site and before departure.

• Jeans/pants and t-shirts are highly encouraged as the primary dress.
• Shorts are NOT permitted at TASC conferences or workshops held during the school year.
• Shorts are permitted at summer programs, but must be no shorter than three inches above the TOP of the kneecap.
• Skirts/dresses are permitted at all events but must be no shorter than three inches above the TOP of the kneecap.
• All tops and dresses must have sleeves for all TASC events.
• Caps or hats are not to be worn when inside a building.
• This dress code may be modified for performers at TASC events. Costumes must be approved by a conference committee.
• This dress code may be modified for specific events; attendees will be notified by the assigned TASC designee.
TASC/TASC Districts retain the right to enforce a specified dress code for events outside the TASC state calendar.
(Policy adopted August 2015)

The only exception to the no hats/no shorts rule is the High School Annual Conference event held at Six Flags theme park.

During workshop, an activity called ‘magic notes’ will be available. Advisors may want to bring materials for their own students including small gifts or tokens with inspirational messages. More details to follow.
We will also have a bingo at the end of the week for the advisors. Advisors are “paid” throughout the week for helping with different activities. This is fake money! Don’t get too excited!!! On the last night advisors can buy bingo cards and free spaces with their money. We ask that all advisors.

There will be a dance on Tuesday night. The theme is eighties. Each camper
needs to dress in an eighties theme outfit of their choosing for the dance. Achievement night will also be on Thursday night, and nice clothes are encouraged. Attire needs to follow the dress code. Spaghetti straps will not be allowed.

Attendees understand the use or possession or being under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, any controlled substances or mood-changing/mood-altering/behavior-affecting drug not prescribed for the individual in possession of the drug, or any tobacco products including electronic cigarettes, or any other electronic vaporizing device is strictly prohibited. Any student found in the possession or under the influence of these substances will be sent home from the workshop without delay at the expense of the student, his/her parents/guardians, or the student’s school. Both the student’s principal and parents/guardians will be notified, and local and campus authorities may be contacted.
A student sent home from a TASC event because of disruption of the workshop, a violation of TASC policies, or a concern for the safety of that student and/or others will not be allowed to attend another TASC state event for a calendar year.

Since both of these items are disruptive and costly, they are highly discouraged. Neither TASC nor the University is responsible for the loss of these items and suggest that students not bring these to the workshop. Students and advisors who carry cell phones should neither make nor accept calls during workshop.

Illnesses should be reported to the director immediately through your hometown advisor or one of the deans. Medical release forms provided with this pre-registration packet are important to our efforts to provide you with medical assistance in the unlikely event of an emergency. Please complete the release form and return it to your advisor with your registration form. If medical attention is needed, an Emergency Room or Immediate Care Clinic will be used at student expense. Parents will be contacted immediately.

Delegates are expected to respect the rights and safety of others. Weapons of any type are strictly prohibited at TASC functions. Any person found in the possession of an item used as a weapon or exhibiting irresponsible behavior that endangers the health, safety, or welfare of him/herself or others will be sent home from the workshop without delay at the expense of the student, his/her parents or the student’s school. School officials/law enforcement will be contacted.

The first meal to be served will be dinner Monday. All meals, with the exception of dinner on mid-week break night, will be served through breakfast on Friday. If you have any students with any dietary restrictions, please contact Kristi West at (409) 791-0542 at least THREE weeks before camp.

Monday, 7/15 (DAY ONE)
10-11am – Adult staff schools register
11:00 – 2 pm Registration – (McCombs Campus Center)
12pm - 2:30 STAFF MEETING – (McCombs Ballroom)
3:30-4:40 General Assembly - Corbin J. Robertson Center Gym
4:40 **Meeting with adults not on staff – Corbin J. Robertson Center Gym
4:50-6:55   Flex Time (meetings and meals)
A-F District Meeting (4:50-6:15) /Dinner (6:20-6:55)
G-L District Meeting (4:50-5:40)/Dinner (5:45-6:20)/District Meeting (6:25-6:55)
6:50 **Meeting with adults – Child Safety Training **REQUIRED**
7:00-8:15   General Session – GYM
8:20-9:40   District Meeting (Olin Building)
9:45-10:15   General Session-GYM
10:15-10:30   Hometown Council Reflection Time (Pits & Peaks)
10:45   Staff meeting at Dorothy Lord Center (All adults are always invited to staff meetings)
11:00   LIGHTS OUT~

Tuesday, 7/16 (DAY TWO)
8:00–9:00   Breakfast…YUM!
9:00-9:15   Hometown Council Check in with Advisor (Gym)
9:15-10:15   General Session(Gym) - ALL break into – Advance/Novice (McCombs/Gym)
9:20-11:45   Advisor Meeting in the DLC
10:15-10:25   Break
10:25-11:25   General Session-(Gym)
11:25-11:55   District Meetings (Olin Building)
12:00-1:30   FLEX TIME (McCombs)
A-F Relaxation Time (12:00-12:45)/Lunch (12:45-1:30)
G-L Lunch (12:00-12:45)/Relaxation Time (12:45-1:30)
1:40-2:40   District Meetings
2:50-3:50   General Session(Gym)– Hometown Council Meeting embedded
3:50   ALL committee chairs meet Nan/Mary/Brian in Gym
4:00-7:15   FLEX TIME (4:00-7:15) (McCombs/Olin)
A-F District Meeting (4-5:35)/Dinner (5:45-6:20)/District Meeting (6:30-7:15)
G-L District Meeting (4-6:15)/Dinner (6:20-6:55)/District Meeting (7:05-7:15)
7:25-8:10   Amazing Race -GYM
8:15-9:05   Safari Dance-GYM
9:15-10:30   District Meeting
10:40-10:50   General Session-GYM
10:50   PIZZA (Bishop Lounge)
11:00-11:15   Hometown Council Reflection Time: Pits and Peaks (optional but encouraged)
11:20   Staff meeting – Bishop Lounge (All adults are always invited to staff meetings)
11:30   LIGHTS OUT~

Wednesday, 7/17 (DAY THREE)
8:00-9:00   Breakfast
9:00-9:15   Hometown Council Check in with advisor (GYM)
9:15-10:30   General Session(McCombs/Gym)–Advance/Novice Split
9:20-11:45   Advisor Meeting in the DLC
10:40-12:15   District Meetings (Meet the Principals)
12:15   Talent auditions - see posted schedule
12:30 – 1:30   Lunch
1:00 – 1:45   Hometown Council Annual Calendar/Planning Meeting 2
2:00   Campus Tours Meet at the Bishop’s Lounge
2:00-10:30   Hometown Council Bonding Free Afternoon…Enjoy and Be Safe!
10:45   Staff Meeting if needed
11:30   LIGHTS OUT~

Thursday, 7/18 (DAY FOUR)
8:00-9:00   Breakfast
9:00-9:15   Hometown Council Check-in with advisor (GYM)
9:15-10:25   General Session (GYM)
9:20-11:45   Advisor Meeting in the DLC
10:25-10:40   Break
10:25   Committee Chairs meet with consultant in Gym
10:40-11:50   General Session(McCombs/GYM) Advance/Novice Split
11:50   Meet with Prospective JC’s (location?)
12:00-1:30   FLEX
A-F Relaxation Time (12:00-12:40)/Lunch (12:45-1:30)
G-L   Lunch (12:00-12:40)/Relaxation (12:45-1:30)
1:40-2:40   General Session (GYM) I Need Activity. Hometown Council Meeting 3 embedded
2:45-6:25   FLEX TIME
A-F District Meeting (2:45-4:50)/Dinner (5:00-5:40)/District Meeting (5:45-6:25)
G-L District Meeting (2:45-5:35)/Dinner (5:45-6:25)
2:45   Talent Show participants meet with consultants
4:00-5:00   Auditorium Tech Meeting (Auditorium)
6:25-6:55   Change and get ready for Achievement Night
7:00 – 8:00   Appreciation speeches in Auditorium
8:00 – 9:30   Presentations in Auditorium
9:30-10:30   Talent Program in Auditorium
10:30-11:15   Ice Cream Social in Bishop Lounge
11:00-11:15   Last Sweep to clean up meeting rooms Hometown Reflection Time: Peaks & Pits
11:30 - LIGHTS OUT~

Friday, 7/19 (DAY FIVE)
7:00-7:45   Finish packing, clean, and collect luggage in one room or load it up
7:30-9:00   Turn in keys at Bishop's Lounge
7:45-9:00   Breakfast
9:00-9:30   District Photos in Gym
9:30-10:00   Hometown Council Meeting: Complete and Turn in all evaluations
10:00-10:30   General Session - GYM