Texas Delegation to the 2020 National Student Council Conference

NASC Conference 2020 _  June 22 - 24 _ Eaglecrest High School _ Centennial, CO

Individual student registration will not be accepted without an adult advisor. The advisor does not have to be from the student’s home school, but the arrangements must be made among the student, local advisor, principal(s), and advisor designee before registering with the state delegation. TASC will not assign adult "chaperones” for students. The adult chaperone must actually register the student as part of his/her team. There is no limit to the number of delegates an advisor may register. You may contact TASC for a list of advisors who are attending to find someone who will be responsible for an individual student.

Click here for Information about the TASC Trip to the National Conference » (Information will be posted in March 2020)
Attendees must arrive in Denver no later than 3:30 pm Sunday 6/21.  Attendees should make arrangements to depart the Denver airport no earlier than 2:30 pm Saturday 6/27. 

Delegates are responsible for their own conference registration and flights to/from the conference. If you are not traveling with the TASC delegation, or If rooms in the TASC Conference Hotel (TBD) are no longer available when you register), you may choose just the shirts and pins options.)

  • Click here for Registration for the TASC Pre/post Trip. Important! Email a copy of the registration form to [email protected] when you submit it for a check to be cut. I must keep close track of numbers in order to have hotel rooms.
  • Click here for Medical Release Form needed for all attendees. Click here for Student Permission Form.
  • Advisors  must register themselves and students for the NASC Conference separately (in addition to TASC pretrip registration)
  • Click here for Shirt and Trading Pins Order (either extra orders or orders if you are not registering for the pre trip)