TASC Membership

Your TASC membership includes avenues to build strong student voice, access to the journey of leadership, and our web of support for students and advisors through:

Membership in both TASC State and TASC District Associations
State events such as the September Advisors Workshop, the November ML Annual Conference, January and February Advanced Leadership Workshops, the April HS Annual Conference, and Summer Leadership Workshops.
• District events such as fall and spring conferences, advisor training, and retreats in your area

Outstanding resources to maximize your student council's potential
• A comprehensive Student Project Database with successful student council projects, categorized by goal and purpose
• A Leadership Curriculum Academy for teachers of leadership
• Access to handouts and materials from TASC Conferences
• Report forms to structure a well-rounded council

Free and immediate support from TASC staff members
• Contact Terry at 512-443-2100 or at [email protected] for answers to your questions on student council policy and procedure, membership information, constitutions, and more.
• Contact Lori at 512-443-2100 or at [email protected] for answers to questions about membership, registration, etc.

Publications filled with useful information and resources for immediate use
• Newsletters sent via email ten months of the year
• Advisors Resource Guide
• New Advisors Manual
• Guides on working with your principal

Recognition opportunities that celebrate advisors, students, and schools who are members of the largest student council association in the nation
• State Report Forms through which your council can earn Outstanding Status and Sweepstakes Recognition
• Student Scholarship Opportunities
• Council Scholarships for Summer Leadership Workshops
• Recognition as District and State Advisors of the Year
• Texas Star Award

Access to TASC specific merchandise as well as leadership resource books
• Up to date books and materials available to advisors.
• Access to pins, cords, TASC shirts, etc.

Do you want to know more about TASC vision, mission, and goals? You will find it here.