Help for Victims of Hurricane Harvey

TASC advisors and TASC district presidents may submit needs for their schools or their TASC districts here. (Many advisors do not have access to email or the internet and cannot submit for themselves. District presidents may be aware of those needs or want to work collectively as a district.) 

  • These submissions will be downloaded into a spreadsheet which will be updated weekly. Please remember it will take time before advisors know what is needed and TASC receives responses. Keep checking.
  • Anyone can view the needs listed, select a school or district to help, and submit the value of what was donated.
    (We ask for this only so we can track the success of the project.)
  • Please share this link via social media so that TASC alums and friends have the opportunity to help as well.
  • See fund raising opportunities below.
  • Advisors, if your home or school was flooded, destroyed, use #Harveyhurts for a promo code to receive free registration to the September 24th and 25th Advisors Workshop.  We need to be together.

Thank you for caring. You exemplify TASC's 2018 theme: Deepen Your Heart, Texas.

This is a time when council can help councils.  Advisors, think of needs for your council as well as those of individuals so that you can continue to take care of your students and staff.  Be certain that student voice is used when determining how donations are used. 

  • Advisors or district presidents, submit needs here: CLICK HERE
  • If you wish to help: CLICK HERE  for a list of schools requesting help.  (TASC will update this list three times a week.  Adjust the spreadsheet so that you can see entire addresses, list of needs, etc.  These needs are long term.  Often the best gifts are cash, gift cards or school supplies.)
  • To see a list of schools that have already been adopted/chosen CLICK HERE.
  • When you have chosen a school to adopt/help: CLICK HERE to submit the name of that school.
  • When you make a donation, please submit information here so we can evaluate the success of this effort.  CLICK HERE.  

Harvey Fund-Raising Opportunities

You may order shirts from Spirit Supply to sell as a fundraiser. They will sell you the shirts for $3.50 ($2 more for XXL and XXXL) per shirt including shipping. If you sell them for $10 (or $12) each, you will earn $6.50 per shirt to provide relief for Hurricane Harvey victims. Note the due date of September 15 for ordering.

  • CLICK HERE for information about the fundraiser
  • CLICK HERE for flyer with picture of shirt to use for sales
  • CLICK HERE for order form you may submit if you choose to use it

Llano High School also has a fundraising T-shirt design. If you are interested in ordering these shirts to sell for a fundraising project for Hurricane Harvey victims CLICK HERE.