Student Council Officer School Elections and Board Elections

  • A school wishing to run for one of the officer school positions of the Association must be a current member of the Association and must have been a member the year preceding its nomination. 
  • A school may hold only one office at a time, and current officer schools may not run for re-election while serving. 
  • In order to run for a state office, a candidate school must file a form of intent to run for office (form is available on this page...see below) along with a letter of intent signed by the principal with the TASC Director, no later than 60 days prior to the opening date of the state conference. 
  • The deadline to file to run for 2017-2018 state office and submit a general platform is February 3, 2017. 
  • Schools are encouraged to submit a general campaign platform idea at the time of filing. Regardless, a platform must be submitted no later than February 15, 2018. 
  • The school’s campaign must be conducted within limits of the TASC Board of Directors approved Campaign Rules and Regulations for the year (below). 
  • Additionally, formal technical guidelines for the campaign skit presentation must be followed. The technical guidelines will be made available to candidate schools at least 60 days before the conference. 
  • Candidate schools must create and promote a campaign platform (an idea) within the framework of a campaign theme (creative, engaging message).
  • If two campaign platforms and/or themes are similar, both schools will be informed. It is not politically advisable to have a similar platform or theme. 
  • In the case where a proposed platform or theme is identical, the second school that submits the details will be required to change.

Campaign Rules and Regulations »

Election to the Board »

Intent to Run for for Board of Directors »       

Submit Intent to Run for HS Position Board of Directors and Vitae Here (Upload as one document.)

Submit Intent to Run for ML Position Board of Directors and Vitae Here (Upload as one document.)

Intent to Run for State Office Form »     

Submit Intent to Run for Office including School Resume and Letter of Intent Here »  (Upload as one document.)

Campaign Budget Form »

Campaign Violation Complaint Form »

Campaign Violation Appeal Form »

Campaign Skit Technical Guidelines »

Writing a Campaign Platform & Theme »

Conducting a Campaign »

HS Conference Coordinator School Application »

HS Conference Coordinator School Duties »

ML Conference Coordinator School Application »

ML Conference Coordinator School Duties »

FAQ's about Association Leadership »

HS Candidates for Office 2018-2019

Candidates, please check information carefully. Any changes in the office for which you are filing or in general platform must be in the TASC office by midnight 2/3/17.  Final Platform information is due Feb. 15.  Questions about campaigns should be directed to Byron Nelson HS, TASC Vice-President advisor, Tammy McClure.



High School | Platform:  | Intent to Run & Resume

Bel Air High School | Cause the Lightning; Feel the Thunder (Take a moment to show others they matter and possibly save a life:  |
                                   Intent to Run & Resume

Azle High School |  Become the Eco Friendly State  (Lead with the right footprint; work to reduce, reuse, and recycle.) |  
                               Intent to Run & Resume

Vice President:

High School | Platform:  | Intent to Run & Resume

Whitehouse High School | Adopt Together (Raising awareness for and helping families fund adoption):   |
                                             Intent to Run & Resume


High School | Platform: | Intent to Run & Resume

 High School | Platform:  | Intent to Run & Resume

ML Candidates for Board of Directors 2017 - 2020
John Fabro (elected to the Board November 2017)

HS Candidates for Board of Directors 2018-2021