Texas Association of Student Councils

When Strong Student Activities are Established, Achievement Follows!

Join TASC! When your council gains the support and opportunities offered by TASC,
there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Online Renewal for Current TASC Members: Are you renewing your campus membership with no primary advisor change? Please complete the Online Renewal.

Advisor Change form: Are you a new primary advisor at a campus with a current or previous membership with TASC? Please complete the Advisor Change Form. When that change is made, you can renew your campus membership.

Addition of Co-advisor:  Does a co-advisor need to be added?  Primary advisors can add a co-advisor, or co-advisors can add themselves. 

New Campus Membership Form: Are you an advisor wanting your school to join TASC for the first time, or are you beginning a new Student Council? Use the New Campus Membership Form if your school does NOT  have a TASC membership. This membership form is only for advisors who are starting a new TASC program at their campus.

Still have questions: Are you not sure of your school's status? Contact Terry Hamm or Lori De Leon for questions about TASC.
Contact Terry for information about TASC, student council operations, constitutions, help for advisors, TASC events, etc.
Contact Lori for questions about renewals, membership, registration, etc.

Here is a brief overview of membership: Schools are the actual members and the advisor(s) is/are linked to the member campus. Annual membership is from September 1st - August 31st. Student Councils may join as High School (grades 9-12) or Middle Level (grades 5-8) with an $80 membership. If you are in a TASC District that has both a HS and a ML District association and want to attend both high school and middle-level events or if you wish to submit state reports (OSC, P&P, DASH, E&E, CS) for both ML and HS recognition, you may choose to join both for $160. Membership fees include your TASC District dues, which will be rebated to your TASC District.

  • Membership must be current to access certain features of www.tasconline.org including the Resource Guide and State Report Forms.
  • We encourage schools to join by Aug. 31st to receive full benefits of membership.
  • TASC accepts payment in the form of a check, credit card, or purchase order.
  • Membership is NOT Active until payment is received.