2016-17 TASC State Service Project

Dare to Dream. Dare to Do.                

Dear TASC,

In order for leaders to grow, they must dare themselves to step out of their comfort zones and exceed previous expectations. As we have learned from innovators in the past, those who dare to go beyond their limits often see immense results. This year’s state theme calls for TASC to “Dare to Dream. Dare to Do.” challenging us to better our world through our dreams that we, in turn, make a reality.

The TASC Board of Directors challenges members to promote positive change through a state project unlike anything TASC has done before. We all know that TASC changes lives. This year TASC will save lives.

TASC is partnering with Donate Life Texas in order to raise awareness for organ donation and increase the number of donors within the great state of Texas. There are several ways to participate in our state service project, Dare to Donate:

  • Education:
    Ask Donate Life Texas to train your council about the need for organ donations and how to conduct organ donor drives.
    Hold school or community assemblies to raise awareness for organ and/or tissue donations.
  • Donor Drives:
    Hold community-wide organ donor drives, at which the student council (after receiving training from Donate Life Texas) registers attendees as organ and/or tissue donors.
  • Monetary Donations:
    Participate in the Second Chance Run or conduct your own unique fund raiser
    Donate directly to support students or family members who need or have received organ donations.

When we challenge ourselves to step out and make a difference, we produce great outcomes. What greater outcome can we ask for than life?

When we “Dare to Dream,” there’s nothing that we can’t “Dare to Do.”

Yours in leadership,
Amina Mabizari, Juliana Henry, Dylan Angel, Esmeralda Vilche, Rebecca Brady

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