Welcome to the TASC Virtual Workshops Site

We realize that many advisors are not able to travel to all of the conferences, and even those who do cannot attend every session. One goal of the TASC board is to provide resources for every member so that together we can build stronger councils that enhance our schools and communities. As a benefit to our membership, we are adding this site.
Beginning with the 2016 Advisors Workshop, we will be adding handouts and links from each major TASC conference. We will keep the virtual event up for three years so that new members and new advisors will have a built in leadership library.

2019 Advisor Workshop Handouts
 Terry D'Imperio Table Share | Miracle  |  Leadership Links
Leadership Links Brochure  | Freshman Leadership 
 Peggy Grimes  iGen, iPhone, iPod, i Crazy
Martha Robinson   Avoiding Common Pitfalls
Donna McCain   The Why Behind Substance Abuse and MisuseHandout 2
Sarah Weeks   Project Heart
Stephanie Morrell   Lead4Change Start to FinishInvite
Jennifer Locke   Fun with Staff
Jamie Rodriguez  History of P&P | Run a Candidate Symposium
Saint Joseph Academy
Shannon Reynolds   McCall College Connections
Katie Kolkmeier  House of Shine
Brittany Templeton  Let's Get Digital


2018 Advisor Workshop Handouts

TommyLeigh Reed - Ways to save time as an NHS Advisors

David Bowe - Rock, Paper Scissors= Leadership

TeenTrouth JC Pohl - Bio
                                Keynote Experience
                                Leadership Summit
                                School Assembly Experience

Jeff LeGrow - Nickel from Nicole

Laurie Zuehlke - 10 Tech Tools for the StuCo Advisors

Rita Clawson - Teacher appreciation ideas

Peggy Grimes - Let's Have a Fortnite Tournament


2017 Advisor Workshop Handouts
Alice Keller, Special Olympics Texas;
and Rachel Matvy with Take Care of Texas
Let's Get Creative with Community Service!
Lally Carbajol, Fuel up to play 60;
Liliana Beverido, Donate Life, TX
Unite for Life


Building School Culture from the Inside Out
Building Resilient Students Through your Leadership program
RISING UP - Coaching Program
Lisa Gilbert and Vicki Long Middle Level Advisors, Welcome to the TASC Family
 Patrick Maurer

- Creating Community in a (dis)Connected World
- Beyond the poster: Marketing That Matters
- Mastering the Metaphor
- The process of purpose:  Finding the power of Motivation 
- Resources

Shannon Reynolds How Student Leadership Can Have a Powerful Impact
on your School and Community
 Cheryl Royal  Table Talk
 Riat Clawson  YouTube Leadership
 Major James Douglas, Jr.,  Leadership Lessons for High School Students
 Susan Waldrep  Project Plan
 David Bowe  Social Media - Friend or Foe


2018 Middle Level Conference Handouts
Sandra Day O'Connor STUCO

Let's make recycled dog toys

Socorro HS Recycled Bottles 


2016 Middle Level Conference Handouts
Lianna Gantz Spirit Weeks and Charity Drives
Lisa Gilbert New Advisor Session
Lisa Gilbert Let Us Build that Team
Lisa Gilbert Operation Kindness
Marshall Junior High Teacher Appreciation for Any Occasion
Meredith Massey Souper Bowl of Caring: Tackling Local Need through a Youth Inspired Movement
Dana McComb Take Care of Texas – Doing your Part to Conserve Energy and Protect the Environment
Suzy Miller Dare to Donate Life, Texas!
Patty Wangler Hunger Games - Hunger is NOT a Game
Kristi West Energy and Environment State Report Made Easy
Brent Whiting Yuda Bands