2020 High School Annual Conference

 April 25-27, 2020 | Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas


  • Tips for a Successful Conference - Please read. There are several changes for this year's Conference.
  • FAQ's about the conference
  • Advisor Information for the Conference
  • Table Talk Proposals
  • Advisor Recognition (years served and retirement)
  • District Flag Ceremony Form
  • Parking pass
  • Sample press release
  • Additional Six Flags tickets are $48 each and may be purchased on site.
  • "Now What" for processing the conference experience
  • 2021 Coordinator Application
  • TX Hotel Tax Exemption Form
  • 2020 TASC Annual Conference Advisor Evaluation
  • 2020 TASC Annual Conference Student Evaluation


Advisors assume full responsibility for their student delegations during the conference, including enforcing the TASC dress code. (see below)
TASC recognizes HS advisors for years of service to student council and TASC. Service pins are awarded at five year intervals. Retiring advisors who have served for more than five years are recognized as well. Advisors must submit a recognition form.


  • Jeans/pants and t-shirts are highly encouraged as the primary dress.
  • Shorts are NOT permitted at TASC conferences or workshops held during the school year.
  • Shorts are permitted at summer programs but must be no shorter than three inches above the TOP of the kneecap.
  • Skirts/dresses are permitted at all events but must be no shorter than three inches above the TOP of the kneecap.
  • All tops and dresses must have sleeves at all TASC events. 
  • Caps or hats are not to be worn when inside a building. 
  • This dress code may be modified for performers at TASC events. Costumes must be approved by a conference committee.
  • TASC/TASC Districts retain the right to enforce a specified dress code for events outside the TASC state calendar.
  • This dress code may be modified for specific events; attendees will be notified by the assigned TASC designee.                                                              Policy adopted November 2015

The only exception to the no hats/no shorts rule is the High School Annual Conference event held at Six Flags theme park. A meal is included with at the Six Flags event. All other meals are the responsibility of the individual.