2017-18 TASC State Service Project

Deepen Your Heart.  Reach Out Your Hand               

Dear TASC,
The state officer team challenges you to address the world-wide tragedy of human trafficking. Human trafficking is real. Human trafficking is relevant. Human trafficking is resolvable.

Human trafficking includes labor trafficking, organ trafficking, and sex trafficking. It happens across the world. It happens right here in Texas, and it most often begins with the most vulnerable, the children.

As we visualize the four chambers of the human heart, we see four areas through which TASC members can combat modern-day slavery.

It’s time to educate, collaborate, activate, and evaluate. Let’s join together in the battle to end modern day slavery.

Deepen Your Heart.  Reach Out Your Hand.

CLICK HERE to view 2017-18 State Project information.   Click here to see a link to the video produced by our state officers. 

Yours in leadership,
Collin Guilbeau, Blessina Babu, Kwame Ambaah, Jack Tucker, Claire Doan